This motivation of this site is to make the public record more accessible regarding crime reports in the City of New Haven, Connecticut.

This site is run by the New Haven Independent and is not an official record. In addition, the site is not affiliated with, or funded by, the City of New Haven.

Please read the notes below regarding the data.

data source
Although this site is not affiliated with the New Haven Police Department, the department's willingness to share data in an electronic format has made this site possible. Once data is received from the police department, incidents are "geocoded" and added to the site.

accuracy of the data
This data does not reflect changes made after initial incidents are reported or as the police obtain more information. In addition, the geographic markers show approximate locations between given cross streets.

stories behind the data
By reporting on news related to the New Haven community, The New Haven Independent strives to add context to the information on this website.

This website uses open source technology, in particular django and mysql. Maps are provided by google's free service. The "labor" cost of this site has been subsidized via free cups of cofee and a mug:)

We appreciate the efforts of the New Haven Police MIS department for spending the time to prepare and send data.

The idea for this site is based on the work of www.chicagocrime.org.

If you have questions regarding this site, please contact the New Haven Independent.